Let's become BreadBuddies

To make sure our strategy succeeds, we need your help! Please donate and become a member of our BreadBuddies community. With the donated money, we will realize the next phase of our ideas: building our first bakery in the Gambia! 


Mixing the Ingredients

Just like creating the perfect bread, every project starts with “mixing the ingredients” and making sure everything is in place to create something beautiful. Ilse initiated the BreadBuddies a while ago. She started with a crowdfunding campaign called “Brood Nodig”. At that time, Ilse already touched many people with her ideas. She gathered a team of professionals around her to take this project to the next level.

At this point, BreadBuddies operates with over ten independent ambassadors who choose to invest their precious time and effort into this start-up foundation. Each ambassador brings unique talent to the table that overall benefits the entire BreadBuddies initiative. Some of the ambassadors are even acknowledged as BreadSupporter for their effort and exceptional contribution.

Start baking

After mixing all the ingredients, BreadBuddies is currently realizing a bakery and shop in the Gambia. This social bakery will be the first tangible achievement of BreadBuddies, with hopefully many more to follow.

Why the Gambia? Gambia distinguishes itself because of its great love for bread. Bread is one of the main mails of the day besides rice. Different from the traditional bread made from flour, Ilse only wants to use natural ingredients given by the land such as cassava, coconut and cashew. 

It might sound like a solid win, but we are not there yet. Before we can start the social bakery, we need your help in the form of a donation.

Let the Bread Rest

Resting the bread is one of the essential steps in bread baking. However, for BreadBuddies, it won’t be that much “resting”. In this phase, we will be operating and beneficiating our first bakery while keeping a sharp eye for our next social bakery project. 


We are always thinking ahead and searching for new opportunities. Besides donations, we highly value the input of our beloved BreadBuddies, BreadSupporter and all other followers.


Are you our golden egg? Let us know your ideas. 

Bread for Everyone

Thought-out in Curaçao, worked-out throughout the world and born in the Gambia. BreadBuddies is a real cosmopolitan, and we like to keep it that way. We don’t stop before the whole world can benefit from our social breads. 

Just as organic as our bread, we believe in organic growth. We take it step by step and always prioritize the social and environmental impact before making decisions. This way, we hope to provide social bakeries with organic breads around the world for everyone who is in need.