Our story

Our introduction

BreadBuddies is a non-profit initiative founded by Ilse Hesselberth. While travelling, Ilse fell in love with Africa. She visited this wonderful continent several times and saw many countries. 

Despite all the beauty the continent has to offer, Ilse also saw the urge to improve fundamental human basic needs such as food and water.

Spending her time in Africa, Ilse specifically gained a special place in her heart for the Gambia; the smallest country on the westside of Africa. Mixing up with the local people, she learned about the ordinary life and the cuisine of the Gambians and noticed opportunities to give back to the continent which stole her heart and that of many others.

Think in opportunities

Gambia has a massive shortage of food and jobs for many people. By opening a bakery which is specialized in organic bread, we will provide a more steady flow of food available for all Gambians. BreadBuddies wants to open Gambia’s first organic bakery for local people by local people. 

Besides Rice, bread is the main meal in the Gambia. Different from the traditional bread, Ilse only wants to use natural ingredients given by the land such as cassave, cashew and coconut. The BreadBuddies initiative wants to create a haven in the form of a bakery. In this community place, Ilse wants to create jobs for local people. Furthermore, it must be a place where people can learn and communicate with each other while baking, selling and enjoying delicious organic, natural bread and more. 

Something is baking, can you smell it?

To realize this project and start baking the breads of tomorrow, we need your help. Please donate and become one of our BreadBuddies. Also, please spread the message so we can realize a bakery for everyone in need. Together we have the power to provide a self-sustainable solution for food shortage in Africa.