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What is a BreadSupporter?

Besides the possibility to become a BreadBuddy, we allow our biggest fans to become a BreadSupporter. You can do this as an individual, but we also welcome businesses to participate. You can support us either financially or by donating bakery supplies and equipment. As a BreadSupporter, you or your company will have life long exposure on our website and all other channels. Besides this, you will have access to the social bread community, including all other BreadBuddies, BreadSupporter and everyone else who affiliates with our project. But most important of all, you will contribute to the better world of tomorrow.

Are you wondering if you or your company can become a BreadSupporter? Simply send us your proposal by filling out the contact form below or send your ideas directly to

Fruit Basket Solutions

Fruit Basket Solutions is a business resolutions initiative.The Fruit Basket vision is to optimise the quality and durability of services and improve the overall customer journey by working on a high-end relationship level with her clients. Fruit Basket Solutions offers B2B clients a wide range of fruitful solution-based services for their small and mid-scale enterprises.
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Farm Fresh

Farm Fresh is the first online fruits and vegetable store in the Gambia. Started in 2014, Farm Fresh sees the gap between Gambian farmers and consumers worldwide. Farm Fresh focusses on leveraging two decades of experience in IT management to proffer a solution to ease farmers’ predicament.
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More information soon.
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Since 2005 is Zinpact a professional partner for guiding the human factor of organisational change. We belief in empowering people to being able to coop with continuous change. In order to realise your vision in daily working practice. Organisational and team coaching is our profession. We feel deeply connected to social and environmental issues in this world. Breadbuddies is a good example of how to empower local people in developing their environmental, health and economical situation. Local for local, learning by doing and creating realistic perspectives to encourage growth.
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White Tiger Yoga

My name is Maria-Teresa Alonso, I am Spanish and have been living in Switzerland for 30 years. My heart is on fire for yoga. The yoga system does not need to be "adapted to today's way of life", after all, the human blueprint has not changed in the last millennia, only the centering on one's own ego. The latter is also one of the reasons why yoga may be more valuable to society today than ever before. Because if you want to take the risk of getting to know yourself, you have to forego pleasing yourself, for better or for worse. With this in mind, I would like to cordially invite all those who already suspect that the key to happiness, health and balance lies within ourselves to immerse themselves in the world of yoga.
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Roland van Reenen

We can plant water by planting very densely in layers or so called stratas to maximize photosynthesis. Since photosynthesis transforms the heat of sunlight and CO2 it means that all those layers are cooling down the farm. Watervapor moves from hot to cool and because the soil is covered by a specie with an intensive photosynthesis, the grass, it becomes the coolest place of the farm. So water will be sucked in by the soil. Ps. Normal farms with uncovered soils experience the opposite. The soil is the hottest place of the farm so water will always escape the farm
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