During my journey to realize BreadBuddies I’ve been asked several times to bring my profession as Oefentherapeut Cesar, yoga teacher and pilates teacher also to the Gambia. 


For me this is another dream come true.

Not only because I’m a yoga teacher I also love to connect personally. 


We are all connected . To share connection via yoga  on the same land, property of BreadBuddies brings empowerment to women  on a spiritual level .

The word yoga means connection. 


If you are connected within yourself ( body,  mind & soul ) you live a peaceful & loving life and bring this to others too. As a ripple effect.

To create this  together within  the nature of the Gambia which has the perfect environment to teach yoga classes, meditation and even small retreats.  For local people and also tourists.


My pilates classes I combine with my profession as Oefentherapeut Cesar which gives a extra dimension to  the classes .


With BreadBuddies I create a holistic environment where women and young girls have the possibility to earn their own money,  receive education and the opportunity to work on themselves to become the best versions of themselves in able to share this within and outside communities.


Thank you friends for your requests. 


I’m more than willing to fulfill them together with you.